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  • What are your lead times?
    Our lead times are typically 5-7 business days: beginning when we receive the blanks, and ending when a job is completed. We'll add rush fees if you need your order in less than 5-7 business days.
  • What are your minimums?
    Our minimums are 72 pieces per design. All pieces printed (no matter what garment color or style) will go towards your print totals and price breaks. We have made exceptions to our minimums in the past on a case-by-case basis. Reach out and let us know how many shirts you need, and we'll see if we can help you out.
  • How is pricing calculated?
    Calculating the price of screen printing entails considering 3 main factors: 1) The number of colors on your design (we can do up to 8) 2) The number of print locations (front chest + back = 2 locations) 3) The number of total units in a production run
  • Can you help me make my designs "screen print ready"?
    Absolutely. Contract artwork is $50/hr. Depending on the complexity of your job, you can expect it to take around an hour or two. If you need actual design assistance, the time frame will depend on the project.
  • Can you help me decide what shirts to use?
    We're happy to help you source the garment that's right for your project. If you already know what you need, and want to order your blanks to our facility, that works too.
  • Can I get 1 design printed on 2 different color shirts and a tote?
    You sure can! As long as the design and the ink colors are exactly the same, ALL units printed (no matter what garment color/style) will go towards your print totals and price breaks.
  • Can you print neck labels?
    We can, but there are a few different ways to handle those types of projects. Let's chat and see which method works best for you and your budget!
  • Do you offer eco-friendly printing?
    Yes! We only use eco-conscious cleaners in our shop. You also have the option to use water based inks for your shirts. Additionally, we can source sustainably made garments for your project. We'd be happy to talk through different options for you.
  • Can you deliver or ship our finished goods?
    We can deliver your order to you if you're in Chattanooga. We will pass along the shipping charges if you need your goods shipped. You can estimate $20 for a box of 60 shirts to most of the U.S. Once we get into pallet volumes (15 boxes or more), that price will be much lower.
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